trade show dislay design

Trends in the Display Design

Choosing a stand with which your company will participate in a trade show is a very important step in the implementation of your marketing plan. The booth should be attractive, memorable and modern. Of course, everyone can have their own ideas about what is attractive. However, there are tendencies of exhibition design that determine what […]

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choose a trade show

How To Choose A Trade Show To Attend

Decisions on attending a particular trade show can be made in different ways. Some companies pay attention at events that attract competitors, other companies go to trade shows they have been visiting for many years. Some businesses can even make a decision about participation in an exhibition based on feedbacks from their partners and other […]

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Study competitors at trade shows

Trade Shows As A Source to Study Competitors

As we know, trade shows are the venues where businesses can promote their products and brands, find new customers, suppliers, investors and business partners, study the market. But many companies forget that trade shows gather not only potential clients, but also competitors. This lends the opportunity to observe and study competitors, look what products they […]

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