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How To Choose A Trade Show To Attend

Decisions on attending a particular trade show can be made in different ways. Some companies pay attention at events that attract competitors, other companies go to trade shows they have been visiting for many years. Some businesses can even make a decision about participation in an exhibition based on feedbacks from their partners and other participants of such events. In any case, the choice of the exhibition depends entirely on what tasks you want to solve. So, let’s get acquainted with what information will help you when you choose a trade show to attend.

The process of making decision

The first step you need to make before coming to any conclusion of choose a trade show, you need to gather information that will allow you to assess the commercial potential of a trade show. The most important data you will need is indicators of the quantitative and qualitative composition of visitors:

  • profile of companies that attend a trade show;
  • size and status of these companies;
  • buyers potential / purchasing power;
  • how many decision makers attend the show;
  • the purpose of the visit;
  • interest in certain products or industries that are present at the exhibition;
  • geographic distribution of the visitors;
  • uniqueness of the audience (percentage of those who do not attend other exhibitions);
  • the regularity of the visit (the percentage of new and regular visitors).

choose a trade show

Your company should pay attention at the dynamics of the statistical indicators over the past few years. Is the square of the expo floor is growing or decreasing from year to year? How do the organizers explain this? What is the position of the trade show in comparison with competitive events? What are the advantages and differences of this exhibition?

Professional organizers provide all necessary information about the exhibition willingly. You can demand such information: statistical indicators, plan of the expo floor, plan of the advertising campaign, results of marketing research and surveys, business program and other materials. If data are difficult to obtain or if they are provided in insufficient volume, then this must be an alarming sign.

What other factors can help you to choose a trade show

Some companies, when they want to choose a trade show to participate in, are guided solely by the presence or absence of competitors. At some degree the fact of participation of the competitors in a trade show can reflects success of this event, its commercial value, and image component. However, you must think, who do you most want to see at a trade show – customers or competitors?

Before making a decision on participating in a trade show, some businesses prefer to visit the venue as a visitor. By doing so they can check if everything is as stated by the organizers.

Whether to attend non-profile trade shows

The answer is yes if the composition of the audience meets your requirements. There many cases of successful exhibiting when companies participated in non-profile trade shows. For example, a company that sells expensive grand pianos has participated in furniture trade show. Such an event was very beneficial since wealthy visitors and designers looked at their products not as at musical instrument, but as a luxury interior items.

Packaging companies that work with food producers participate in food exhibitions, logistics companies that provide services to oil and gas workers, participate in exhibitions of the oil and gas sector, companies that offer solutions in the field of information technology to construction companies that exhibit at construction exhibitions. In other words, businesses go where their customers are.