trade show dislay design

Trends in the Display Design

Choosing a stand with which your company will participate in a trade show is a very important step in the implementation of your marketing plan. The booth should be attractive, memorable and modern. Of course, everyone can have their own ideas about what is attractive. However, there are tendencies of exhibition design that determine what is “modern”. So, let’s talk about what is now popular in the display design.

Clients’ wishes have changed

Some time ago we had a trend when exhibitors tried to build a new display for each trade show with unique design. Now most companies tend to follow a different approach. If exhibitors like the projects of their booths and they are satisfied with its artistic concept they use it at multiple shows. Thus, the brand recognition of the exhibiting company is achieved; there is an opportunity for more efficient and thoughtful organization of work at the stand taking into account previous experience.

booth design

It should be noted that this trend is positive for the display design: booth projecting requires a long period of time (with large exhibits – from one month to one year). This involves contribution not only of a designer but also a customer (work planning, selection of materials, etc.).

Shift from exterior to interior design

Another trend reflecting the change in the preferences of the customer, is the shift in emphasis in the positioning of the display design. Before this trend the exhibitors wanted to “amaze” visitors and draw their attention to a booth by any means (not always the most successful from the artistic point of view). Now exhibitors pay special attention to both exterior and interior, including organization of ” life” within an exhibit.

Today most exhibitors believe that participation in a trade show does not necessarily lead to an immediate increase in sales of the company’s products. They try to prepare in advance for an event, organizing the flow of visitors to a booth. In the display design, more attention is paid to the interior: the organization of the internal space, zones planning, etc. Exhibitors tend to choose furniture, lighting, and materials more carefully. A special emphasis in the interior is on the company’s products.

Display Design for Trade Shows

Technological trends in display design

The trade show display design should be carried out in a comprehensive manner, taking into account all the important factors: from the creation of a fresh idea to the search for interesting, unexplored, relevant technologies for presenting your products. The existing practice in the design of exhibition spaces is on the way of increasing theatricalization and strengthening of the sensual component of design, as well as increasing their interactivity. To demonstrate products at a booth, unlike retail stores, exhibitors use moving demonstration equipment and more powerfully served information.

Today’s trends show that exhibition spaces are no longer low-budget. Interactive technologies are actively used at trade show exhibits such as impressive video walls and small local video monitors, as well as completely independent and very impressive holographic windows.

Choice of materials

If we talk about general trends, today much attention is paid to environmental and technically safe materials, the ecological style as a whole is in demand. However, the use of such materials can increase the cost of a booth. However, professional designers say that virtually any materials in the stand structure can look stylish and modern. Design was created as a part of art, including the real practical life.